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Arakkal Museum Kannur

Arakkal Museum kannur

The Museum is a famous museum dedicated to the Arakkal family. They were only one royal Muslim family in Kerala, India. the matrilineal system was followed by the Arakkal family those time. The eldest female member of the family was the main head and ruler. The male rulers were known as Ali raja and female rulers were Arakkal beevis. What can do there You can see there holy copies of Quran, an old stylish telephone, swords, and daggers which was used by the Muslim rulers. You can see the evidence of Arakkal rulers’ relationship with European colonial powers for spice trade and maritime activities. The museum is closed on Mondays. Railway station: Kannur is the nearest railway station, about 3 km away. Airport: Calicut international airport is the nearest airport, about 117 km away.


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