Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Valayamchal, Kannur and northwest slopes of western ghats which connects with the forest of Coorg is one of the best wildlife spots in Kerala. Actually, Aralam is a village in Thalasseri. It is considered as the smallest sanctuaries in Kerala due to the total area is just 55 sq km. The top peak here is Katti betta which is 1145 m above sea level. The sanctuary was established in 1984. You can find the different wide varieties of plants here. Prominently, Coast tropical evergreen and west coast semi-evergreen Forests are seen in the sanctuary. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary Near of watchtower, A meenmutty waterfall is a good place for some relax. You can be trekking from Valayanchat to Meenmutty cover the distance about 14 km gives the great experience there. You can view the Aralam river nearby from the sanctuary. It is a good picnic spot. Chavachi Waterfalls and Ambalapara peak are other attractions in the sanctuary. Best time to visit there October to June is the best time to visit Aaralam wildlife sanctuary. If you are butterflies, lover, you can see here more 172 types of butterflies here during the November and December. Rainfall: 3700 to 5000mm is average rainfall. Biodiversity: You can view the major tree species here like Artiocarpus heterophyllus, Bishofia javanica, Calophyllum elatum, Cannarium strictum,Cullenia exarillita, Dipterocarpus sp, Drypetes elata, Dysoxylum malabaricum, Elaeocarpus tuberculatus, Holigarna arnottiana, Mesua ferrea, Palanquium ellipticum Bombax ceiba, Dalbergia latifolia, Grewia tiliaefolia.

How to reach there

By road: BYou can reach the sanctuary by road from Thalasseri about 45 kms. and Kannur about 45 kms.

By train: Thalasseri is nearest railway station for Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, about 45 kms.

By air: Kozhikode is the nearest airport for Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, about 113 kms from Iritty and 71 kms from Thalasseri.

Entry time

Visiting timings: You can visit there from 8 am to 4 pm.


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