Dharmadam beach spot

Dharmadam Island | Dharmadam beach spot

Dharmadam Island is a very small 2-hectare private island in Thalassery, kannur district, Kerala. It is a tiny island lying in the Arabian sea. Dharmadam Island is a mind blowing beautiful small Island located 30-34 km from Kannur city. There is a small entrance fee need to enter there. It is another famous beach after Muzhappilangad beach. Dharmadam Island is just a few meters away from the southern end of Muzhappilangad beach. A short foot distance you cover from Coastal road you can reach Dharmadam beach. Dharamadam Island is a famous tourist place. The Island government purchased from the local family. At this beach, you will find a number of coconut trees around the shores, The swaying palm trees, Birds voice, sand at your feet make your holiday memorable. Before entering there you need permission. What to do there 1. A paradise for photography. 2.A good picnic spot. 3. During the low tide, visitors can walk to the Island, But make sure to return before the tides get stronger. Dharmadam-Muzhuppilangad coastal belt is going to be popular for the tourists. There are so many restaurants where you can take the taste of delicious south Indian foods.


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