Kappil Beach location

Kappil Beach | Kappil Beach location

Kappil Beach is a beautiful beach in the north of Varkala about 7 km away. It is one of the famous backwater destinations. If you are spending time at Varkala beach you must visit this place also.

Why you should go there?

The clean view around you and trees make them beautiful to this beach. One wide road near of beach makes it a beautiful destination for the travelers. You can walk from Varkala beach to Kappil Beach. The government built the beach side walkway from Varkala. Rock barrier is the main feature of this beach, By the way, Kappil Beach is famous for its fishing community. The main attraction there is backwater tide. There you will not find more boats and people. why it is a great place for those people who are looking for a peaceful destination. Things to do on Kappil BeachThe backwater ride is the real joy of this beach. The boat ride is considered as one of the major events in Kappil and you will find the different size ferryboats which carry a large number of passengers. At the beach you will find so many food stalls, You can enjoy the delicious snacks and savories.

How to reach there?

Kappil Beach is 7kms away from Varkala beach. From Varkala, You can hire an auto-rickshaw it is the best way to reach this beautiful destination. You can take the bus service also for Kappil.


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