Oorpazhassi Kavu Temple

Oorpazhassi Kavu Temple | Oorpazhassi Kavu Temple kerala

Oorpazhassi Kavu Temple is an adorable place for the Hindu religion. This is one of the renowned ancient temples in the kannur, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to three Goddess representing the Shaivism, Vaishnavism, and Shaktheya. It was renovated in the mid 19th century. The temple is famous from another name also Ooril pazhakiya eachil kavu or ooril pazhakiya achi kavu. Oorpazhassi Kavu Temple,Kerala is a holy religious spot and famous worship place ner of kannur town at Edakkad. Inside the temple has three Goddess namely Bhagavathy, Sree Oorpazhachi Daivathar, and Vettakkorumakan. The temple is a rare exception because Shaiva, Vaishnava and Shaktheya sanctums enshrined are situated within the same complex. The main festival of Oorpazhassi Kavu Temple is Mandala Vilakku, Shivarathri, Mahotsavam, Pattathanam, Vellatom, and kaliyattom. Mandala Vilakku festival celebrates in November to December for 41 days. A ritual singing performed to appease Lord Vettakkorumakan is the main event of this temple. So many devotees offer areca nut, beetle leaves and dried rice to God. Airport: Kozhikode International Airport is the nearest airport. Railway station: Edakkad Railway station is the nearest railway station. Bus stop: Naadal Bus stop is the nearest bus stop, about 2km from the temple.


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