Sri Mavilayikkavu Temple

Sri Mavilayikkavu Temple | Sri Mavilayikkavu Temple culture

Sri Mavilayikkavu Temple is a popular south India holy and adorable place for Hindu religion. The temple is famous for its cultural activities and its amazing rituals. Due to its religious importance of Sri Mavilayikkavu Temple is an amazing tourist place for the travelers and locale people of kannur. In kannur, Mavilayi village is a scenic and lilliputian place famous for Sri Mavilayikkavu Temple. It is the birthplace of A.K Gopalan and A.K Gopalan who were the famous communist leader of Kerala. The main Goddess and God are Bhagwati and Lord Ganapati. Lord Daivattar and Lord Vettakarumakan are the other deities of this temple. People come here for the worship of God. Main festival: Adi Utsavam is the main festival here that is celebrated grandly. Adiyulsavam is another name of this festival. It is related to the mock fight festival. During this festival, A group of performers is carried on the shoulders of men and hit each other. In Malayalam month of Medam, Adi Utsavam is celebrated annually. This festival attracts thousands of devotees and tourists in this temple.


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